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Round one

Welcome to the first round of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist kink meme! Please take a moment to read the rules below before posting.


(01) Put the pairing, kink(s), and any relevant warnings in the subject line of your comment. Be brief (it's a subject line after all!); you can elaborate on your prompt as much as you want in the body of the comment.
(02) Give adequate warnings for any potentially offensive or triggering content (i.e. rape/non-con, shota/underage, abuse, gore etc.) and spoilers. This goes for both prompts and fills.
(03) Only one prompt per comment.
(04) There's no limit on fills: a prompt can have one or twenty bazillion.
(05) Prompts don't have to be sexual or even contain a kink. Fluff, gen, AU and anything else that doesn't fall within the sex/kink category is more than welcome here.
(06) Fills can be in any medium, not just written.
(07) You can post your fill off-site and link to it, but make sure it's accessible to the public otherwise your comment will be deleted.


(01) Kink-shaming is bad -- don't do it. Or else there will be Consequences.
(02) Don't critique a fill unless the author has specifically asked for it.
(03) Anonymity is encouraged, but not required.
(04) More of a suggestion than a rule: a little encouragement goes a long way. Let fillers know you've enjoyed their work and thank them for their effort.
(05) Be civil.
(06) And finally: have fun!

William backstory; possible non-con/child abuse

(Anonymous) 2015-12-09 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)

we know William is a realist, but what we don't know is why he was so obsessed with it. Maybe he was assaulted while younger, or his parents abused him (he referenced that he didn't like them in episode 6 I believe) and he hoped that maybe God or an Angel would save him, but they didn't so he stopped believing. However filler wants to describe, or the length of it is entirely up to you!