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Round one

Welcome to the first round of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist kink meme! Please take a moment to read the rules below before posting.


(01) Put the pairing, kink(s), and any relevant warnings in the subject line of your comment. Be brief (it's a subject line after all!); you can elaborate on your prompt as much as you want in the body of the comment.
(02) Give adequate warnings for any potentially offensive or triggering content (i.e. rape/non-con, shota/underage, abuse, gore etc.) and spoilers. This goes for both prompts and fills.
(03) Only one prompt per comment.
(04) There's no limit on fills: a prompt can have one or twenty bazillion.
(05) Prompts don't have to be sexual or even contain a kink. Fluff, gen, AU and anything else that doesn't fall within the sex/kink category is more than welcome here.
(06) Fills can be in any medium, not just written.
(07) You can post your fill off-site and link to it, but make sure it's accessible to the public otherwise your comment will be deleted.


(01) Kink-shaming is bad -- don't do it. Or else there will be Consequences.
(02) Don't critique a fill unless the author has specifically asked for it.
(03) Anonymity is encouraged, but not required.
(04) More of a suggestion than a rule: a little encouragement goes a long way. Let fillers know you've enjoyed their work and thank them for their effort.
(05) Be civil.
(06) And finally: have fun!


(Anonymous) 2013-07-25 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Modern AU, College room mates and fuck buddies. No one knows how this came to be exactly (or how Metatron is still alive for that matter).